Smith's Leather Balm - Handmade using only three all natural ingredients


When Shane Smith sent me a sample tin of his product, I was excited.

When I opened the tin and smelled it, I was enticed.

And finally when I put it to use, I was blown away.

Shane and his wife make this amazing leather balm by hand in small batches in their home in Maine using only three ingredients: 100% organic cocoa butter. 100% organic beeswax, and 100% pure almond oil.

The beauty of this leather balm is that it is totally and 100% safe on your skin. If it's gentle on your skin, you know it's going to be safe for your leather goods. It's recommended to take a very small amount (a little goes a LONG way) and massage it directly into your leather product of choice. In front of your eyes you will witness the leather re-hydrate, even intone, and renew in appearance.

I've tried dozens of leather treatments, and there are a couple that I've happily recommended to my customers in the past, but Smith's Leather Balm is the first product that I have been compelled to offer directly to my customers.

Not recommended for suede.


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