How did you get started?

I’ve always had an interest in Men’s Fashion, and for the past 5-6  years I’ve really moved away from labels that have high costs without  the value to back them up. I’ve found that Made in USA is largely  synonymous with being made well, and that’s one of the aspects that  really sparked my interest in the Raw Denim community. These  “Denimheads” are individuals that value quality above all- whether it’s  the denim itself, or the accessories and lifestyle that go with it. 

My growing appreciation for this community of craftsmen and  supporters motivated me to find a way to contribute. Enter the “Quick  Release Belt,” which deserves a lot of credit for bringing my craft to  where it is today. When I first saw this belt, I thought it was the  coolest thing ever! 

(For a brief history: this belt is made with a buckle that was  originally patented in the 1800’s and used by Firefighters to buckle the  firehose for quick access, but is now being made by a small foundry in  England in the form of belt buckles.)  

The thing is, I couldn’t afford the belt from the maker who I first  saw it from, and this kicked in the inspiration to start making things for myself and others too. I tracked down the wholesaler, ordered a small  batch of buckles, and got cracking. I made my first belt for myself,  then a few for family and friends, and when I started to get the hang of  it all, I started an Etsy store. "

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