Before I even started Pigeon Tree Crafting, I was very much into the world of raw denim, and I remember first learning about Clutch Magazine at the Rising Sun Jeans HQ in Eagle Rock. "What a cool magazine" I thought, it embodied my aesthetic so perfectly, and made me aware that the community extended well beyond America. It was like I found my people.

Since I started Pigeon Tree Crafting, Clutch Magazine has always been on my mind.. Fast forward 1 year and 8 months of pouring my heart into my work, and I find myself so incredibly humbled and beyond excited to flip through those beautiful pages and see my work featured in the latest issue of Clutch Magazine!

My thanks go out to Shogo, Tadashi and Mai, who came to my studio and spent the day with me. We shared laughs and an experience that I will never forget, and now the memory will live forever in print.

Clutch Magazine Japan