I cannot express how amazing Instagram has been, there is by far no place greater for connecting likeminded individuals. I have Instagram to thank on both a personal and a professional level.

One such individual that I've been fortunate enough to meet via Instagram is Greg Tamura, the man behind www.thedenimhound.com. Greg must have found a glitch in the matrix, because people actually GIVE him AMAZING jeans for his insights and expertise in the form of a blog review. What a sneaky guy!! But in reality, while he may be enjoying his work a little bit too much, he does provide a valuable service for brands, large and small alike. 

Greg approached me a few months ago wanting an indigo belt for himself, and I was honored. We worked out a deal that made us both happy, and as part of the exchange, Greg promised me an honest review of my belt.

Read his review below, and check out the rest of his blog while you're at it!


The Pigeon Tree Crafting 1.25 Vat dyed Indigo Belt with nickel plated quick release buckle.

Pigeon Tree Indigo Logo Tees!